James Owen Dubé






I complete forensic assessments in consultation with other staff at The Peoples' Counselling Clinic, and bill through the clinic. 
We complete Parenting Capacity Assessments and custody/access assessments.  These assessments usually include comments on risk of future sexual or other violent behaviour, mental health, substance use, developmental problems and other psycho-social elements that cause problematic behaviours.  They follow the evidence-based Toronto Parenting Capacity Assessment Project guidelines.

We also work with local universities to assess alternative ways to repair harms done by sexual and gendered violence.  We investigate by interviewing staff, students, and others and prepare a report outlining possible interventions.  These investigations are requested as a result of university complaints processes driven by specific circumstances experienced by students or staff.  These assessments tend to be for behaviours that fall outside the criminal code, but they can also be completed in cases where adjudication is not desired or likely to occur.  

We can offer parts of the assessments described above depending on the need.  For example, providing an assessment only on risk of sexual or other violence recidivism.